Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dating on the Down Low - Discreet Gay Dating Review

Time for another discreet dating review:

The sites I've reviewed for this blog so far have been mainly for straight men and women seeking a little something on the side, or simply looking to keep their dating lives, (and casual sex lives), as private as possible. Today's post is for those seeking downlow dating or a great gay dating site in general.

 On the weekend I got into a discussion of the whole phenomenon of 'men on the down low'. This was orginally a term used by African American men to describe those who would consider themselves straight, and date or have relationships with women, but have sex with men - on the down low. Nowadays, the term more or less describes any guy who having gay sex on the side, or is just keeping his experiences with other men private.

In the world of online dating, where are these guys to find the casual sex their looking for? Let's face it - there are lots of gay dating sites out there but the one I'm recommending today is number one for a few reasons.

3 Reasons to Use to Meet Local Men

  • They have the largest database of members. Their site pulls all the men seeking men from the largest sex dating site on the net. We're talking millions and millions of guys, so this is where the action is.
  • Free features for basic members. I can tell you now that you're going to want to upgrade so that you can start hooking up for real, but when you first join there are some freebies like chat rooms, and hot member video chat, that you can check out before you take the plunge.
  • No Date Bait. In online-dating-speak, this refers to those dating sites that use automated programs to not only send out fake messages to entice guys to upgrade, but will even generate chat bots for chatting. I'm bringing this up because it can be pretty common with some gay sex dating sites. Discreet Gay Dating likely has it's share of scammers creating profiles but none of these are generated in house and they do a good job of tossing these profiles out as soon as they catch them. Find some tips for avoiding scammmers here.
Also remember that this gay dating site is going to work for you whether you are keeping your status private or not. It is not a simply site for closeted men, it's a site for men who are ready to find other men for real hookups, regardless of their status.

A couple pitalls
Although the site is optimized to show mainly men looking for other men, you are going to occasionally run into some women on the site as well. I think this happens because they are pulling in a huge database of sex dating singles, but shouldn't really pose a problem. Also, you'll notice that there are 'model chat' cams as well. Just be aware that these are different from the free 'member video' rooms and cost extra, even on top of your membership fee. But damn.. some of those men are enticing!

I haven't seen a lot of reviews of this site online so if you've got some feedback to share please leave a comment below. Thanks!
Reviewed by SexySeeker on Dec 5 2012
Rating: 4.5

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